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Marilena Chau

More they will not leave the water morna? They will be restrained in the forest? They will be being deluded? Being consoled? The world waits for its requirements. It needs its dissatisfaction, its suggestions. The world looks at for vocs with a hope remaining portion. It is time of more not contenting itself With these drops in oceano.’ ‘ (Bertolt Brecht, stretch of ‘ ‘ Ballad of Drop D? water in the Oceano’ ‘) Each text that I write is fruit of the anarchy of my mind, the revolutionary revolt of my inconformismo. My ideas escape of any limit. I have a proper language. to each day, after a new text thus, I think: It does not leave that nobody orders in you, and thus will be respected and free. It is that we live in a world where they allow in them to create illusions stops later killing them, then in the first esquina.

E as taught the philosopher to me Marilena Chau, ‘ ‘ The freedom does not meet in illusion of it I can everything nor in the conformismo of the nothing posso.’ ‘ But happily the world is moving. The good one is this: always dumb it! Above all, it motivates what me is the message of this new world, that always arrives through the new books that I read or of new musics that I hear. Everything is question to know what it is wanted of the life, when wants and we want because it. The life always is a thing for which valley the penalty if to risk. It bothers what is to see me exactly the arrest of the human beings daily, in miniature places, to each entardecer, that is the moment of the day that more taste, that more I feel myself exempts The ngelus. These our suburbs, that if extend to lose of sight, with its houses covered of darkened bricks and misery ways, in which children run, play its ball, free its pipes, at optimum moment of its lives – infancy: happy, same moment of being in the misery.

Of the place where I am, I am sad when seeing this people all. I obtain to see the caps of the laborers, who seem to walk alone, with coasts curves and heads orphans of illusion and dream. How many they had been able to carry through its dreams? If that is the peace, as will have been the fight? Never in such a way effort resulted in so little! The majority alone thinks about consuming! In accumulating wealth! the true life, as it is that it is! What I always wrote and always I will write is opposition what it is there, is anti-establishment, anti status quo. Clearly that some do not like, but this is another history, is not excellent, therefore we are being successful. Evidently we run in the contrary direction, we swim against the chain, we give murro in knife tip, to only exercise, for pure pleasure to think!

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