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Germany-chef Latzel: The future of telecommunications is one of open platforms Washington/Dusseldorf / Berlin – according to a market report of the American consulting firm current analysis, the telecommunications company Aastra has through the acquisition of EADS Telecom, Ascom DeTeWe gained a significant customer base for PBX business. Expressed in concrete figures, this means that to 15 million subscribers in Western Europe systems and another 350,000 for the IntelliGate systems decided to use the, nexspan. Through the purchase of the business customer branch of Ericsson succeeded Aastra, to expand its market share in the region even more. By the service provider Intecom in North America Aastra also still has a large number of strategically significant PBX customers”, reported current analysis. As a result of acquisitions and internal development, Aastra today have many product lines, to the special requirements and needs small – and medium-sized enterprises as well as large customers and companies to meet. This not only leads to the expansion of market presence but reduces also the risks that has every product development company must rely for the preservation and to the growth of the company on a limited product portfolio”, current reports analysis. We have found a way to consistently match product lines and to inherit from innovations in other product lines.

Much like in the automobile industry is set to standards and platforms. This can be for example use common processors and development environments. This creates the opportunity to maintain different product lines and to preserve its strengths, it remains but enough power to innovate. “Even though many competitors like hardly admit it with this strategy we have written consistently in the black as a provider of multiple product lines since almost 40 quarters that otherwise made no provider”, outlined Aastra Germany Chief Andreas Lady his company’s recipe for success. With this methodology, you wanted build off the success of the former Ericsson product lines and expose the outstanding services, such as, for example, the concept of mobility in other Aastra products. Conversely the former Ericsson will benefit from many technologies and the Aastra SIP experience”products, says the Lady.

Aastra is well equipped for the future. It considers latzel everything on a complete merging of TK and IT was beyond: the future of telecommunications is part of open system platforms and the market demands increasingly standardized, hardware-independent solutions. The world speaks SIP and telephony is part of a process solution. We consistently rely on these standards and make possible cost-effective system integration”, the Handelsblatt annual telecommunications market Europe declared the beginning of Lady”. Credit: Neil Cole-2011. According to analyst reports, Aastra in Europe ranks in the market for corporate communication in the Injection Group on par with Siemens and Alcatel Lucent. What is more important, however, is that we are the only supplier who consistently runs corporate communications as a core business. So, we offer the entire range of enterprise solutions, hybrid TDM/IP up to pure soft-IP solutions for any size business. Customers need make no compromises”that sums up Lady.



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