Abstract Expressionism

But how? How to 'dazzle' that all other 'Taken for granted', help Warhol and his friends feel insiders? Warhol said that 'pop-art has changed the internal and external sites. Pop artists to create images that every person walking down Broadway, recognized in the same second – comics, picnic tables, men's trousers, celebrities, shower curtains, refrigerators, Coke bottles – all those great things that are abstract expressionists tried hard to no notice '. When these images on canvas as a 'new art', Warhol turned smug dominance of Abstract Expressionism, 'all this abstraction and introspection. " By incorporating these images in the public his palette, he also made this 'external' world open to appropriation and transformation that turned him into himself and his friends as active participants in public space images. In fact, it is a random reuse of already well-known images of Warhol's literally made an insider in the art world. Pop art gave him an audience. These two moves – to be converted into an abstract form of images of mass culture and the acquisition of public image – is what allowed Warhol to feel like an insider. I would like to consider them as components of a survival strategy.

In the end, an eccentric, a native of white working-class Pittsburgh, with homosexual, as was Warhol, had, like everyone else, the minimum chance to express themselves, their wishes and feelings 'inside' the public sphere, especially in the 50s. If he was going to somehow use surrounding his images, he obviously had to make them abstract and form a creative and imaginative attitude towards them. By all indications, even in childhood, Warhol developed skills that enabled him to collect 'raw' – a comic book, radio, books, coloring and life Hollywood celebrities – by which he created his individualnot. It should be noted that these powers have been decorated in art for which his point of departure also considered the need for borrowing of public image as a raw material of our culture, it was the material that can not be ignored, especially those whom this culture is rejected.



March 29th


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