Alfredo Dumitrescu

Conventional medicine suppresses histamine with anti allergic medications, the so-called antihistamines in allergic reactions. But much more sensible it would be to grab the evil at the root and to regulate metabolism, explains the doctor from Hennef. Usually it is sufficient to restore to balance the metabolism,”shows the experience of the physician. However, the detoxification ability of metabolism represents a major problem. Genetic studies show that about 50% of the Central Europeans have a significant part of the constraint of this detoxification ability. Toxins are metabolized by the body in two consecutive steps: first, the poison is oxidized, this highly toxic intermediates arise in part. These are converted in the second step by certain enzymes in water-soluble compounds and excreted kidneys and bile. The 50% mentioned limited work this transformation in phase 2.

Patients to poison themselves, which makes more difficult a naturopathic treatment. Also this metabolism information must be considered in a hay fever treatment. With the emergence of Alfredo Dumitrescu of hay fever also reported from an interesting psychological context. Psychosomatic seen hay fever means missing power and freedom of choice which paves a way in this way about the subconscious. This conflict apart from a birch tree shapes from himself, man is are then allergic to Birch pollen. This applies accordingly for other flowers.

Also people who suffer from hay fever, can enjoy the spring soon. Who engages in holistic treatments, learns not only much interesting about his body, but is also the causes of hay fever and other allergies to the bottom. And the causes are not known, they can be removed also. The body is healthy, the man is happy in the Spring and summer.



October 2nd


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