Authentically Communicate Advertising

How you advertise for credible and convincing your company offers outstanding, unique, leading edge products and services? You are also highly qualified staff and excellent conditions, as well as the best services? Then you are in good company. Thousands of companies advertise in this way and beat themselves in superlatives. Unfortunately usually without telling the customer specifically what he has of them. Against self-confidence, nothing is wrong. The only problem is: many customers allergic to anything that sounds like a vain self-promotion after 50 years of mass advertising. With the result that many image brochures, annual reports, CSR reports, press releases and online media hardly noticed. It is but another way many marketers find new ways. More and more companies want to ‘ out of the dead end of lack of and switch to a different kind of advertising and PR: authentic communication relies on credible positioning of companies and products.

Confidence is back up the course in marketing. Market screaming was yesterday. Self-adulation also. Authentic means: credible, genuine, true. Companies that are perceived by customers, employees and all other stakeholders as authentic and trustworthy, have significantly better chances in the fight for attention and loyalty. Authentic communication gives an unexpected attraction companies and products. Three aspects play an important role: the trend towards away from pesky mass advertising a type of informative advertising, again to be heard.

This is a change that goes far beyond a short-term fashion. For it with real stands for example the campaign by Unilever,”touts women without model figure for Dove beauty products. Also a marketing trend refers to the desire of the consumer for authenticity, called co-creation. The fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken, for example the opportunity to turn commercials for products offered its customers in a competition. Read more from Jorge Perez to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The winners were aired prime-time television. Some clips made in the quality of professional productions hardly differ.



August 18th


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