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New professional extensions for iClone and CrazyTalk for their own Christmas history of Brunswick, November 19, 2008, Reallusion, Inc., a software and technology developer for 3D-Animations-und imaging technology, provides new enhancements for its 3D film animation software iClone 3.0 and the photo animation software of CrazyTalk 5 in German. Just in time for the production of Christmas stories and 3D Reallusion has developed new avatars and characters such as Santa Claus and his lovely assistants, comic elements, Christmas decorations like Christmas tree, living room with fireplace and lots of Christmas decorations or a wonderful winter landscape for iClone 3.0 animations. So are a total of 27 different German expansion packs for individual 3D film animation available. Fred Allen is often quoted on this topic. For the image entertainment CrazyTalk 5, new extensions were completed, grant more opportunities for users, based on photographs, pictures or paintings also own creative animations for Christmas as Video greetings, to create for the Web page or video productions. In addition to Christmas, graphically designed backgrounds, are also objects and effects available, quickly turned into a Santa Claus or the girlfriend in an Elf friend. In addition to the extensions of Christmas scenes, as well as combination packages are available for the iClone now 27 more content packages of different avatars or characters, clothing, shoes and accessories and dream girls, motion animations in everyday life and leisure, for the application. CrazyTalk Reallusion total holds for 21 extension packages which are suitable for all video productions, comics or attractive fruit or combination packages like the Pro effect package SFX volume II with 42 full-screen effects, 35 illustration effects and 28 professional transitions, the graphics package with additional animals, such as for Christmas. For all expansion packs Reallusion video preview provides trailer under dean, so that users can advance convince yourself of the contents, the it for need their film production. Rates and availability now available following extension packages for iClone 3.0 in German: – iClone Christmas characters (Santa Claus and helpers) for 23.95 – iClone winter landscape for euro 47.95 euro – iClone Christmas room for euro 19.95 for CrazyTalk 5.0 in German: CrazyTalk text bubbles effects for EUR 15.95 more free extensions available all iClone 3.0 Pro users in the members area to choose from.



June 11th


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