Basic Music

Alone with a man can literally completely surrender to the music, and listening in a public place, do not even notice it. Quite different story if the music in the background interview. Inconspicuous , the awakening of something exciting and alluring, setting each other. Music may well be a means to stimulate intimacy. Music can distract from everyday life, from ideas and step by step to move into a state of confidence and relaxation. Trouble may begin when the partners quite different notions about the exciting music. It is not necessary to test each other's nerves musical predilections.

Do not forget that silence, too, in his own erotic. Stimulating effect of music lies in the fact that the tune of the body begins to produce micromotion unconsciously, as if podtantsovyvat. This invisible dance can bring a partner who takes him on a subconscious level, and there is nothing to speak of the dancer. Music allows micromotion become the basis of truly intimate contact – contact, which involved not only the body but the soul and subtle strings. Partners are in the same rhythm in a single thread Turning to the more active, consider whether the music is distracting. Maybe at some point it is worth off? Finally, you will be accompanied by no less erotic music of moans and cries of passion, your breathing, which is so love to listen to partners Situated music for each of our own. Find out what it likes your partner to decide on the music.



January 2nd