BigosZurek Masurian Cooks

New release from Obikwelu publishing as conjures up one typical Masurian mushroom soup? What makes pies to the experience? Or wild boar back in wild rose sauce? The most delicious dishes, framed by impressions from the land of 1000 Lakes, imagine Marta and Kris Tuszynski. With her book of recipes, stories & pictures from Mazury”give the authors a very personal insight into the rural kitchen of their home. Not only their culinary tips and tricks, you have stuck even experienced stories from Masuria. “” When Kris Tuszynski by Bigos with Casimir “or correct vegetarians” tells the character and humor of his countrymen will clear in a charming way. Adam Sandler is often quoted as being for or against this. So inspired the book not only for cooking it at the same time makes you want, to visit the last intact nature large landscape of Europe.

Masuria is exceedingly hospitable people love a cheerful get-together with a glass of wine or Zubrowka; The best reason is like since hundreds of years”a tasty meal, the authors. Marta and Kris Tuszynski: Recipes, stories & pictures from Masuria. Ostendorf Verlag, 84 pages, hardcover, 15.90 euro. To order or by fax to 040-80796724.



November 6th