Boneco Models

During operation of the humidifier of this type goes cold steam. The principle of ultrasonic humidifier: high frequency of vibration of a special membrane allows you to ‘knock out’ from the cold water vapor. Advantages: There are built-in humidistat that allows you to maintain the preset . In this case, the humidifier will turn itself on and off, supporting her. The model 7136 is Boneco display shows current humidity in the room; Boneco The model 7133 is a function of ‘Warm steam’, with the inclusion of which destroy microbes found in water in the model Boneco 7,136 touch-sensitive buttons control are presented Boneco Models 7131 and 7133 Boneco controlled mechanical rotary knobs, small dimensions of the humidifier; Rotating spray can direct steam in any direction; may increase the humidity of more than 60%, at the end of the water in the tank humidifier will automatically shut down The attractive design allows you to install a damper on any interior; Disadvantages: The replacement filter with ion exchange resin every 2-3 months Boneco 7531; If you use too much hard water filter life may be reduced, leading to loss of white plaque on the furniture, walls, plants, and for what purposes it will be useful: for use in areas where there are items that require special humidity parameters (furniture, antiques, flooring, musical instruments). for use in greenhouses and conservatories (for maintain high humidity). Traditional (classical) humidifiers inside the device of this type is a special mesh-evaporator, which is constantly soaked with water from the reservoir.



May 26th