Building Pools

The. We know several definitions of a pool of it is that is a pond to be the bathroom, to swimming or other exercises and sports. Others argue that construction is being done to obstruct water and for bathing or swimming. It is said that the word comes from Latin origin pool which was used to denote wells for freshwater fish or saltwater. The word pool was used by Christians call the baptismal font, in which baptized people who wanted to commit to Christ. Regarding the technology has increased substantially, mainly as it relates to water purification, to keep it clean chlorine derivatives are used and checked for pH (potential of hydrogen) the acidity of bone and sometimes it is controlled water temperature.

There are also several types of pool as fixed and portable and removable, as well as various types of materials like polyester panels. Etc. The pools are very important because through this we have learn to swim in a professional and have won trophies at various racing styles, such as synchronization, swimming, acrobatic jumps of different heights, among others. For days the man has had to adapt to their habitat, which is why it has been practically attached to aquatic ecosystems. It has been practiced for some time swimming, for example the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896, all that is due to centuries of construction or swimming pools. How to build a pool. We dug the ground where the pool is located anger comes to the formation of the septum that will hold the filtration system accessories, all piping must be of high quality with a pressure of 10 atm. Is the concrete specified with a resistance of 350 kg cm2 of the pool with a thickness of 20 centimeters on the walls and 25 on the ground. Once the concrete has set is perfectly appropriate to the placement of the finished material placement of the coronation proceed to plating of the pool, with mosaic impervious to acids and zero porosity. Eric Castro, chief editor of position yourself in Quito, Ecuador.



September 18th