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Many of us in our time believe that the hand-held pets – this is absolutely a cat or dogs. And yet, for a long time in the flats hold a variety of animals and birds, and reptiles. There are alumni who are distributed, there are exotic, some of which get only extremals. Among a large number of different rodents, which can be kept in the house, most of all allocated a number of particularly popular at present species. Most often, it's rabbits. If earlier they were bred for meat, then today domestic rabbits are popular as decorative hand animals. They simply do tame and very happy to keep in the house, taking into account the extent to which they are fluffy and tender. It is worth remembering, of course, that all information about what it means to buy a rabbit, is a global network and provide decorative rabbits – a whole package of trouble.

First of all, pick the right breed, because the size of rabbits are very different, and so should pick up a cell for a specific individual. Do not want to save money on a good cell, because cell depends on the quality of health directly rabbit. Only reasonably contained house rabbit will be a strong, cheerful and sociable, I mean like, what you are trying to see him constantly. Today, popular pets are and rats, even once, including a decorative can be viewed with displeasure. But by itself the rat – an extremely intelligent animal, interact with him always nice. It is not necessary, of course, catching rats in the trash.

Literate to buy decorative animal and keep it in a specially equipped space. To date, numerous sites on the Internet reduce lovers Rodents. There you can specify the details that such decorative rats. Including a rather inexperienced to be able to correctly keep a pet if properly venerated, first of all preferences and habits domestic rats. One of the most exotic animals, which are currently in demand as a manual, is the Mongolian gerbil. Only a certain number of years ago, many thought that the gerbil – a wild and rare beast. But these are not big beasts so unpretentious in the care and positive in your communication, which is today very many can take them into the apartment. The most positive things that really gerbils fed a wide selection of products, unless of course to train for such a young age. Basically, if you are trying to take away his favorite, not to be close to the well-known since childhood guinea pigs and cats. On the Internet you'll be able to meet Substantial numbers of pets, which today are accessible to everyone. However, take care of how to tame a friend, then both of you will become happy.



July 3rd


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