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Rumors of a breakup emerged during the Cannes Festival. Before it was impossible to see them separately. Their representatives have refused to talk about it. The romance between Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn has come to an end. Rumors of a breakup emerged during the Cannes Festival, which actress went not to focus on his next film, and now it is confirmed that they have broken their relationship. It has been People magazine who has confirmed the suspicions. According to publishing sources, Johansson and Penn already not go together, although it has failed to understand the reason for their breakup. Others who may share this opinion include San Antonio Spurs. Their representatives have refused to talk about it, something that is not surprising given that also they resisted in its day confirm their relationship – despite the clear evidence that both actors came together.

The truth is that the news has not surprised, because rumors of breakup had been circulating since mid-May Cannes Festival was held. Sean Penn presented there his film the tree of life, but surprisingly he was not accompanied by Johansson. She preferred to stay in New Mexico (EE UU), where he is working on his next film, the Avengers. Although justified, this absence of the actress immediately raised suspicions, as it was almost impossible to see Johansson and Penn separately in recent months. Every few minutes came to light pictures of the couple lavishing cuddle in public, because outside of travel or in restaurants, and even knew that they had attracted attention by his affectionate attitude during the correspondents dinner hosted by Barack Obama in the White House. However, it seems that all this has come to an end. Now wait to know what were the reasons that led him to finish this film romance. Source of the news: Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn break in your relationship



November 29th


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