Carlos Gardel

The nine of Julio really are charming, of the will to cover it foot to observe the monument beauty in its squares and the architecture of its theaters, the people is well receptive to the Brazilians, the food is one in such a way without salt, then we recognize Brazilians for placing more salt, after all our culinria more is tempered. The streets are little put into motion in the week ends, can be taken a walk freely for the center, the restaurants are charmosos, and the nocturnal places well similar to the bars and ballads of So Paulo, there not it law anti tobacco, in Palermo if can listen to good electronic music in the Acrobar, but if you want to feel yourself close to Brazil, go to the Maluco Beauty, in Recoleta, where Brazilian music well is valued, and ax and the samba rock takes account of two environments. In the center of Buenos Aires they exist you vary exchange houses, where you can be always changing its money, but most advisable they are the airports and banks same. To the floor for the streets of the Nine of Julio, or for Palermo, or Recoleta, is easy to perceive the pride that the Argentines have of its history, some monuments of national heroes, with engravings of its texts, and of as they had been important for the country, he has cinemas in some places, in Brazil does not have here plus many houses of cinemas, them had been friction to shoppings, in Buenos Aires they are for the center. Additional information at Tony Parker supports this article. Where beyond you to be able to attend a film, also it will be able to buy t-shirts of the Argentine election, and cumbucas of chimarro. Something funny is that for the sport store it did not have t-shirts of Brazil, the rivalry is taken the serious one there, in how much you find t-shirts of all the types here, there she is only seen of Argentina printed tourist to see and to buy. Still very to know in Buenos Aires, but if you will be to be three days, as I, I advise to see the house as a good tourist, square thirteen of May pink. The caminito, to take off a photo with tango of street, therefore without being of street is charged in dollar, buying a compact disc of Carlos Gardel and floor for the nine of entire Julio to observe with the eyes and the open heart..



November 11th