Charlie Chaplin

Nowadays, it is very common to be found with that kind of people, who constantly and tiresome at times, as you have to be, no respect for anything, you say as you really. There are individuals, unfortunately for those who have to suffer them, they always have the should on their lips, to then add him, go, return, do, think, etc. It is curious to check the behavior of certain individuals, that usually we must live in this modern society of the still XXI, which are always more outstanding failures of others, and yet remain completely unrelated to their own. Say, to define them in some way, that are deaf people at the concert of the mistakes, because they are unable to hear his own melody, where mistakes are concerned. (A valuable related resource: Larry Culp). If someone has the bad luck to trip over them, the best advice, from here we can offer, is used like them, the should to add then go to heck, even though this is the version most educated, there also are far more roundabouts according to the needs of each case, although we obviaremos them in this writing to not break the harmony of the same with offensive expressions, that without a doubt, certain people deserve to hear, and in the most forceful way possible. What one is, depends on one’s own, and if it should or not of change, is also self that makes the decision, not the others.

If a person freely chooses what they want to do, either move forward or stay in the same place where is, no one has come to tell this, unless the person concerned who ask for help or advice. Nor is it smart to stay as one is, if there are personal aspects related to the behavior, which can be improved, but that is a decision that human beings should be taken form free, never imposed. The best option is, of course, convince ourselves, always a step forward that we move away from that lacra called ignorance, and open wide the gates of knowledge, to wisdom, that first step only the life and the experience of existence itself, can contribute to the human race, to save her especially from the fear of the unknown (because the great Charlie Chaplin, said life is wonderful if you do fear), and allow you to enjoy more and better of their passage through the planet Earth, that as it is already known to allIt is not too long to go wasting time on nonsense and other inconsequential matters. But in the end, always should be one that decides, not others!



April 3rd