Communist Party

His trust in some close aides was not disappointed. His paranoid systems based on groups. He was on radio propaganda (terror: storage, etc.;) Organization: party, etc.). Stalin had no similar charismatic speaker gift. His Forum was the closed world of the governing bodies of the Communist Party.

It arrived here more dialectic than on rhetoric. He based his power on the ability to spread fear and terror. There was a paranoid tendency towards conspiracy theories and paranoia. Where he also saw he perceived enemies and he played out against each other, with terror (propaganda, agitation; Organization: party, etc.). Both mastered the art of People pitting unpredictability as a power tool. Both were convinced that in every situation violence or its threat will lead to a solution.

They emfpanden a deep aversion to professionals, such as economists, whose themes complexity they refused. Both believed in their ability to simplify complex matters greatly. Stalin’s extermination of enemies based on the class struggle and the Kulaks (farmer). Hitler’s topos was the racial contamination, Judaism. Hitler left no Fuhrer or memo that finished his direct responsibility for the final solution. Stalin put emphasis on that other Politburo members signed the death sentences. Both shared a materialistic attitude (see below HistoMat), in succession to the rationalists of the 19th century: the progress of science will resolve all myths and debunk Christian teachings as absurd. Their materialist attitude resulted in their hostility to religion and anti humanism. They were the only important beings even. All others were only a means to an end (achievement of objectives). Stalin exerted his power only the power of his Office as Party Secretary and a Politburo member. He was not head of State, head of Government or he was a member of the Council of Ministers. Hitler concentrated all power to himself. In Germany they used in everyday life the block room. In Russia, there were agitators and political commissars (Army).



June 24th