Costa Rica Economy

It characterized, still, the emergent countries of ‘ ‘ teimosos’ ‘ following: all colonized country keeps certain administrative structure that allows the foreign intervention, either for the entrance of companies, the financing of electoral campaigns, or same by means of the culture and of the academic thought. To the countries that had not passed for colonizatrios processes this structure does not exist, over all because throughout the time they go if arraigando unsurmountable local values. I reject the foreigner, then, it is popular. The low wages are the foundation of all the process. Without them, all the system would break. With the low wages the high standards of production and consumption only can be kept in the rich nations. Of them they make use all rich country, without exception. Further details can be found at Adam Sandler, an internet resource. Exactly the United States that accuse China to promote the work formal infantile, the branch office of Nike American in Costa Rica also makes use of infantile work, where it uses sets of ten of thousand of workers earning some cents of dollar for manufactured article.

These same articles, vendidos mainly in rich countries in the bolses of wealth of the poor countries the prices will be vendidos that give, on average, two a thousand percent of profit for unit more than manufactured. China fights for its entrance in the World trade organization and is requirement of the developed countries that this practises the liberalization of the commerce; that it opens its economy to the foreigner. We know all that this does not go to happen, because if China to open the economy and to facilitate the entrance of the goods manufactured in ocidente, certainly that economy will go to changed itself, to the few, in a economy of Third World with all the interminable problems, as the increasing concentration of income, the formation of monopolies, the increase of the poverty and everything more. .



October 1st