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Contractor fees from savings insurance reclaim many construction savers were made within the framework of funds fees for the valuation of real estate, apartment, or other object or other fees charged. The home savings customers from most building societies, such as BHW, Wustenrot and others can reclaim these charges. Attorney Jan Bartholl Munster Munster lawyer many customers have in the past with their building society completed a contractor. The contractor completed the construction of savers in a loan contract, conceded the building society in many cases charges for the valuation of the property covered by the contract. These charges were billed to your customer, BHW, Wustenrot and others almost all building societies. Wrongly, as the Stuttgart State Court ruled.

The Court it regarded as forbidden and illegal, construction savers the cost for the valuation of real estate, apartment, House or of the entire object in invoice to impose. Because of the valuation and the impairment testing is done in the overwhelming interest of the building society. For even more opinions, read materials from Boxer. The building society wants to ensure the repayment of loans with the valuation. For this reason it appears as clear disadvantage of home savings customers, having to bear the costs of internal safeguards of the building societies. In addition, the fewest customers got the results of the valuation and the advice ever to face and thus paying for something, what was expendable for the individual customers.

It is common practice of building societies, to give the results of the valuation not price. The justification of building societies will also implausible if is argues that the customers had individually negotiated the inclined collateral valuation and desired. Often the opposite was the case: to complete even a savings, precondition for the processing of the credit request was that in the terms and conditions of the building societies Collateral valuation. Of the Stuttgart regional court judgment enjoyable for customers is final.



June 13th


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