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Creating an interior in your house, almost every one of us would like to diversify its works of art, art photographs or paintings. Today, for these purposes are often used as posters and collages, fine art paintings by famous artists, or pretty pictures. Posters are often made on canvas or quality paper so they look very aesthetically pleasing and suit the needs of even the most discerning connoisseurs art. However, as you know, any good painting requires a decent frame. Creator of the interior in this case comes to the aid of prints. It seems to put a picture in a frame, no big deal. But the types of baguette every Framing Workshop offers you a lot, and there can be confusing.

Usually, not so difficult to choose which picture or pictures you would like to place in its interior, but when it comes to the baguette, then there difficulties. Any, even the most beautiful painting can ruin a bad frame. That's why treat the choice of baguette is serious. Firstly, the design of the baguette on color and pattern shall conform to the image that He frames. Indeed, that a copy of the talented Italian artist's paintings will look neorganichno, if you put it in strict metal frame, designed in a minimalist style, and artistic photography city with cars and skyscrapers, in baguette classic design, decorated with intricate designs in the Florentine style, will look ridiculous.

Thus, mainly try to color and style baguette conform to the image that will be placed in it. Second, the material from which the prints will be created, is also quite important to choose correctly. Basically baguettes are made from wood, metal and polystyrene. The most commonly used for molding a tree, it just might be painted in any color, has a natural texture, fairly durable and suitable for most styles and decisions. If you would like to diversify the interior, designed in the style of hi-tech, modern poster, a good material for the production of moldings will be metal. Cold and austere shiny steel interior will emphasize asceticism in high-tech style. And, Now, polystyrene – a material that perfectly fits in every interior, because it allows you to imitate wood, metal and other materials. Brittleness of polystyrene, perhaps, it is an important drawback. If you decide to transform your interior photography, art prints or poster, do not forget that on the right choice depends on a baguette to be seen whether this piece of furniture look good.



June 28th


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