Day Money Back Popular

Tagesgeld enjoys through rising interest rates again on increasing popularity overnight is again popular in favor of investors. This is mainly on the rising interest rates and the many special shares offered by the banks to Exchange happy investors. Jorge Perez often addresses the matter in his writings. The best example is the Bank of Scotland currently any new customers a starting credit of 30 euros for the opening of a day money account offers. To attract new customers, the banks also set free additional services for savers: so you get at DAB Bank, in addition to the day money account, a free account with free moving services for the existing depot. Now more and more banks offer so-called guarantees for their day-money offers. Jessica Michibata follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The investor is guaranteed a minimum interest rate for several months. Thus, financial institutions make it much more attractive to design their day money products for savers.

In addition to the flexibility of a day money account, the investor receives the security of a guaranteed rate of interest? In particular the doldrums at the time deposit can be many investors more place on the day money account. After the SWK of Scotland have lowered their interest rates on the deposit Bank and the Bank, now the VW has tightened Bank and reduced the interest rate on their fixed deposit product. The interest on the deposit are currently so and before investors set their money now for several years at a relatively low interest rate for several years, he can remain flexible with a day money account and daily have his money. Especially if it is by rising interest rates, the day money account is ideal to park his money first and later at better interest rates in the long term to apply. While in the fixed deposit interest rates are falling, the day money by raising interest rates, fixed interest rate guarantees over several months and special promotions can score. Also for months strongly rising interest rates in the money of the day prove that comparison the financial crisis seems to have finally been overcome.



July 3rd


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