Edvard Radzinsky And His Theater

The fate of Edvard Radzinsky – an amazing example for a fluid Russia a success of life. No wonder journalists have mentioned the "improper buoyant as" the mysterious, in spite of sociability, "Dumas today!" Yes Dumas – by popularity, by the breadth of historical material on the renaissance of self-confidence, but he prefers to compare himself Radzinsky with Karamzin, Shakespeare and … Scribe. Its from the beginning called "golden boy "- from a happy family, a successful playwright and elegant ladies' man, no problem, no whining, no fighting with himself and the circumstances – just the standard for best-selling author of psychological, yes, open casket simple – it always remains true to himself! "I, as I can remember, always wanted to write and acted in the Historical Archives with a purpose. The purpose of this was called Karamzin.

Karamzin in his lifetime was honored in historical scholarship. On the contrary, historians have treated him with great caution. I knew all that. But also knew the names of these historians have long passed into oblivion, and his name immortal. Error them is that they judge art in terms of science. But being primarily a writer and historian Karamzin was, after accomplishing a titanic task.

His influence is enormous. He discovered the history of Russia, for Russia, making it visible to the public, not knowing him to his stories. " Dramatic art history, private life of great men, Shakespeare's passion – that's what has always attracted the writer. And drink or not drink poison sage Socrates – for he is much more important what is happening outside the window … While appreciative audience is always someone in Socrates learned – that Solzhenitsyn, Sakharov …



September 30th


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