European Commission

The European Commission developed an action plan to combat climate change. At the recent Brussels summit, eu member states accepted it. The document, which deals with and on energy security, supported by 27 States. If you would like to know more about Sally Rooney, then click here. The most important issues related to energy security of countries with minimal environmental damage. Rusty holzer: the source for more info. In particular, it is expected by 2020 to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20%. A March 15 Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke during a visit to Japan for 'global ecological revolution' that would allow the fight against climate change. Is the environmental situation inspires concerns? Some consider controversial inevitability of catastrophic climate change.

Maybe someone picks up the noise around this topic, do so for its own reasons – political, financial? But many scientists often use the term 'global warming'. Forecasts disappointing, we are facing an apocalypse. Others are predicting the advent of the glacial period – and also make apocalyptic predictions. Anyway, most of Scientists from around the world agree that climate change on Earth. To natural climate change added the rapid warming caused by human activity.

Now the average temperature on Earth is about 15 degrees Celsius. While in the past it could be from 7 to 27 degrees Celsius. Scientists project, with an increase in average global temperature by 2 degrees, the 150 million inhabitants of Earth will face a shortage of drinking water. According to some models of climate change, by 2100 global average temperature could rise by 1,4 – 5,8 degrees Celsius. This condition, if not taken steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Warming may be at hand gas industry workers and oil workers. After all, would be easier and much cheaper to develop deposits of the Arctic Circle. And it was there, according to forecasts, is 25% does not open until now the world's hydrocarbons. What are the effects of global warming may be? On the planet each year will be more rain, but it will increase the likelihood of drought in many regions. Possible increase in the number of floods due to hurricanes and rising sea level. But there are other predictions: with increasing temperature can accelerate the growth of plants. It is not excluded that it will allow the plants to pick up from the atmosphere more carbon dioxide. Natural climate change is occurring or No, it is still better to prevent disease than to treat them.



October 2nd