Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

In 2006 he worked in a restaurant located at Avenida Arenales, block 14 with the crossing of the employee's Social Security. In that place electronic keyboard playing and singing every day of the week at night (except Sunday) and Friday and Saturday accompanied by two singers. In the month of August or so, the owner of the local decided to only work on Fridays and Saturdays, and no longer every day, dial for economic reasons (in fact I did not think so, because it felt more influx of public, but their pleas would end) I am of people who do not like to claim anything, but I like being in a constant beat, professionally, and also as a person. To do this since 1995, my wife had formed a musical duo, and worked on contracts from time to time. The musical duo for contracts unfolded as follows: "I on the keyboard singing, and my wife making me second voice and chorus" all this we performed with the sound equipment we had purchased. The musical duo is called "THE OWNERS OF SWING" at the initiative of my wife. It was the case that sometimes, our contracts were crossed with the work that was in the restaurant, in a Friday or Saturday, but there was no problem, because the owner understanding that these contracts (which, as I say, and he understood, was rarely crossed with the work of the restaurant) we were a larger income, and gave me permission. Indeed, my work in the restaurant, was playing music in the background (ambient) with low volume, so that diners could talk, and the same was if it was me or not.



January 30th