Famous Strategy

In fact the phrase should be: the customer is always to be heard the famous strategy win-win (win – win) involves providing the best possible solution, in which the company and the customer benefit. How put it into practice? Here a small guide understanding the roles understand the roles of the parties is the key to implementing a strategy of satisfaction to the customer. The customer is which calls for a solution to a demand and vendor is who solves it.We are going to discuss the case of the sale of a tin of tomatoes, where the customer has a need, get Tin, and the role of the seller is providing it in a timely manner.More Needless to say that this is exactly equal to a service, a query medical or any other product or service. Explicit expectations when the client show up, gives us information about your need: that is what you are looking for. But you have to understand that not always the customer knows the best solution to your needs.A clear example of this are the breakfasts at home: where the customer’s need is to entertain a third party, and this other person, expected some kind of basket with quality products (leather basket, Cup personalized porcelain, etc.). If you were only looking for a cup of coffee, you could go to a bar, or better still, you could order it by phone.

Implied expectations these are needs more difficult to detect and determine, since while some are obvious (that Tin is not expired or broken and that the content is red), others are determined by the subjectivity of the client (the place of origin of tomatoes, and how much salt should have). For more information see Sofar Sounds. Ask is always a funny anecdote to analyze: A person on the beach (potential customer) cubanitos itinerant seller calls **. The customer asks are they crunchy?, seller says if. You may find that Simon Pagenaud can contribute to your knowledge. They are fillings?, seller says Yes, with very sweet!, then the client says Oh, then no, because I don’t like crunchy or with much filler.If the seller had asked: do you how you like? would have had many more chances to close the sale without having to deal with the tremendous objection had received. * for our friends from abroad: Cubanitos: are wafers or cones of the same mass used for ice cream cones, but folded in cylindrical shape and stuffed with dulce de leche. The key: the satisfaction to customer reading a book of negotiation strategies, we saw a cycle that facilitates the analysis of almost any situation, and consists of 5 stages: 1. prepare to offer the best solution; 2 Negotiate conditions of satisfaction, for both parties; 3. Provide the solution; 4.

Evaluate client satisfaction; 5 Feedback experience to improve the cycle. The firm’s clients was in history or in supermarkets box lines. If we want to have a competitive advantage in the times that run, we should point to customer-focused techniques. If you need professional advice, please contact us.



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