Fats Domino And Elvis Presley

This music was Rock & Roll. It was musical genre which initially was largely accepted by the black community. then,on the other part of the ocean, in Liverpool, there were a couple of young people who were eager to listen to those records. It was not easy, as Harrison says in the Anthology vol.1: “try and listen to the album of the moment, but neither could get a cup of sugar, imagine a rock album.” But the truth is that in one way or another they succeeded. By then the main influences for boys was black music that came from the southern United States. John and George felt a predilection for artists who came from the school of Blues, Chuck Berry and Little Richard to name a few. Paul had preferences of white music artists like Bill Haley & His Comets “with much influence from jazz and country. Fats Domino also ranks as one of their favorite artists.

A few years later, an unprecedented event in their lives would merge with the white black music, this is Elvis Presley. McCartney was referring to this historic moment: I remember being in school when I was little, I saw a picture of Elvis in one of the musicals … was an advertisement of “Heartbreak Hotel”, the view I thought was very attractive, seemed prefect. At that moment I thought, here it is, we expected the Messiah has come. On the other hand John was referring to the same event: “When I was 16 was the singer Elvis fashion, a kind of long hair slicked ass moving and singing “Hound Dog”, “That’s all right mama” and all those hits from his best time.



October 17th