French Revolution

About the city, which still retains the atmosphere of a non-transferable, which felt great poets and writers. I lived in Paris is not the first month and could well afford to communicate with it not as a tourist, who arrived a week before my eyes and having a list of places that you must visit in such a short period of time, but as a guest with capacity to lead the city leisurely measured conversation. Sunny March Sunday morning I got out of his small apartment on the Boulevard Opital and moved toward the Seine in search of one of those stores, which at this unearthly hour for the Parisian bourgeois podavalit coffee croissants. Actress may find this interesting as well. I was lucky not far from the Gare d'Austerlitz found a small cafe, where a young waitress friendly serve traditional French breakfast. I settled at a table directly in front of the Jardin des Plant – well known to Parisians, but little visited by tourists Botanical Garden, founded during the French Revolution to house imported from Versailles, the royal menagerie.

The gates of the park had already been discovered and drinking my coffee, I decided to walk along its paths. (Not to be confused with Movie Star!). Passing through the gate, I found myself in the shade of sycamores, cypress and palm trees have taken root in these latitudes and nice soft carrying the Parisian winter. The garden already smell spring. The central the path leading to the building of the Natural History Museum, walked first flaneur – people who devote their free time communicating with the city.



March 24th


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