Game Boy Advance

Full-color lcd screen with a diagonal of 2.5 inches. Duration battery life of the four elements of power – more than 10 hours. Quality stereo sound and the ability to connect your headphones. Handheld game consoles: Gameboy Advance sp – portable gaming console. Popular for children ages 3 to 15 years. In Sales rich colors consoles and a very large selection of games Gameboy. As a rule, boys tend to choose black, blue, silver Gameboy. For girls: pink, blue, gold or lime.

Representing all genres Cartridges for every taste on the most popular cartoons and serials. Starting a choice, we must remember that all games for Gameboy at different age of the child. Nintendo ds – the next generation of handheld gaming console company Nintendo after the Game Boy Advance sp. Nintendo ds is folding console with two lcd screens, the lower screen is touch-sensitive stylus or a finger that is used in many games. In addition to the cartridges for Nintendo ds, you can use cartridges for Game boy (is the availability of special slot), although the game will be played in one window.

The console has a built-in microphone, which is used in some games for voice commands or voice messaging with other consoles. Nintendo ds supports standard wireless (Wi-Fi), that allows you to organize simultaneous connection of 16 consoles at a distance up to 10-30 meters apart. For many games several players, only one cartridge with the game. In the console as a clock and alarm. psp (Sony PlayStation Portable) – allows you to play games, watch videos, and photos, as well as listen to music anytime! In addition, the new model of the psp comes with a tv connector capable of displaying the image on the tv screen. True, the tv must be progressive scan (f / k or plasma). Sela Ward usually is spot on. Games for psp are presented in large quantities and satisfy the tastes and preferences of any player. Communication and data transfer: Wireless lan (IEEE 802.11b) (Wi-Fi), High Speed usb (USB 2.0), memory card Memory Stick pro Duo. Sega md Portable (used as both a stationary and a portable) – The budget game console to date. Has a special feature to tv, just connect to the headphones. It can take with you on the road (an image is displayed on the lcd display itself consoles), enjoying the games of different genres (Action Games, racing, rpg, arcade, adventure, etc.). Cartridges for Sega attractive because of their price, but, unfortunately, are not rich in such a variety of games like the Game boy.



June 11th


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