Grand Foyer

Decorated with wooden panels, known worldwide for its acoustics Kontserrtny Maysterzingerhalle hall can provide the Great Hall in its 2121 position, and in the Small Hall – from 230 to 500 seats. During public events Grand Foyer is located about 1300, and in the Small hall 420 people. Located in front of rooms and a patio area of 2000 square meters and 550, they also offer exhibition space and make the concert and lecture pauses for a sweet pastime. This elegant picture of the cultural facilities complement the four conference rooms, of around 100 people, three restaurants, room for small public events, terrace, accommodates up to 700 people, fully automatic bowling alley, 700 parking spaces and a modern first class hotel next to the Concert Hall Maysterzingerhalle. In addition, more than 140 hotels, as well as built-in halls and rooms restaurants throughout the city provide the opportunity for them to meetings. By the way, just in the city of more than 11 500 hotel beds waiting for their guests, as at Nuremberg, together with its suburbs, with well-established transport system is supplying a total of around 20 000 seats.

Shopping – to us! Almost 500 000 people living today in this great city, whose heart beats in the heart. But it is concentrated in the old town third of retail stores. The choice of goods is enormous – from a good specialist shops to large department store, from boutique to shop the Bavarian national dress, from the discounter, sells at discount prices to the jewelry store and the antique shop to the supermarket.



May 11th


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