Head In Clouds

To keep the Spirit integrated in GOD in any place is makes the person to see the things equilibradamente. It does not believe that it has Spirit? Thanks to GOD we are Beings created in the Active Eternity. It is good for knowing this detail not to be imprisoned in the dust of the land. Head in clouds It takes wheat and barley, broadbeans and lentils, it puts them in a canister and it makes of them bread; according to number of the days that to lie down itself on your side, three hundred and ninety days, you will eat of it. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 4:9. If the person is in the land Must conserve in it its mind and the heart, to be able to feel the soil Where she steps on. The head back in clouds Is only for enjoyed, That they remain unstable, In all the situations.

But, the coherent person, Has its mind In the two positions. It knows that it is Spirit and that its material brain Is total finite. It has a meat body That the brain takes valley pro and there it is gotten rid. It has the head in skies Simply to unseal the veils Of all the borders, Knowing that the things passengers Are in the land. It has the full certainty, That its Spirit is Immortal and will cross the Vestibule Of Immortality.



October 31st