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Health consciousness in Germany a task for the future Feb. 22 2012, Rellingen. The fitness-conscious of the German population increases as shown in a survey of PREMIUM PERSONAL TRAINER CLUBs. Nevertheless predicted the Berlin Institute for population and development”an additional increase of adipositas cases. 48% of German men are currently overweight, 19% of them even obese. Maximum values in Europe.

For women the figures have been fortunately much lower. This development is extremely scary since face the social systems in process with higher costs. Worn these will then inevitably again paid for by the taxpayer. A society of extreme known scissors society threatens now about to spill. Rich and poor. Healthy, conscious, fit and sick, ignorant, fat. The State is aware its responsibility towards the population, but its increased spending of money in the sports area alone can not turn off this scenario.

See who’s opinion Germans, analyzes blogs and forums, to determine that the majority sees the problem in youth education. At an early age a consciousness must be established therefore for health, in the parental household, kindergartens and schools. The voice will be louder after teaching for health awareness and soon the policy will have to deal more intensively with this topic. The consequences of this development are already noticeable. The growth of health expenditure is disproportionately according to Federal Statistical Office. Due to power cuts of the health insurance companies are supplementary insurances in daily conversation and continue to increase the fees for care. The demographic change brings Kopfstarfen childless in consideration for the policy even on the idea. This is the State today and an extreme, that its peak has not yet has achieved. Prevention training, nutrition, health consciousness of junior to senior Fortunately the requests in preventing increasing which shows that the will to the Improvement, growing for a long, healthy and fulfilling life, and especially the Bereitschafft increases to make sure something. Especially the age prevention promises a better life standard and independence in the age. The market for these services will benefit from the demographic changes expected to be long. The increase of adipositas cases in children apparent frightening unfortunately. This is due to the dietary habits of the parental home and the fatal generational gap in health consciousness. To close this gap, if we are going to succeed, it will need measures such as the introduction of health education in schools. First pioneer is already implemented and successfully accepted Pilot projects at several facilities. As long as there are no compulsory lessons but the scissors will gape further. Conclusion: The responsibility to solve this social cross-future problem may not be deported from our generation to the next. The consequences would be probably not headed, morally, socially, and economically!



August 3rd


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