Help For The Helpers

PAS-TEAM safety training for participants of humanitarian missions in crisis areas of Katzenelnbogen, August 17, 2009 members of humanitarian organisations put their work in war and crisis areas constantly the risk of hostage-taking and attacks from this reason, because terrorists and warlords can secure the attention of the media and the public are so. But also in the former crisis regions the helper take large risks, about, if their area is mined. The renowned trainer of war reporter PAS TEAM prepares security training the helpers in a three-day field critical situations when used in such areas. To read more click here: Robert Bork. ost websites. To his seminar from November 18th-20th September 2009 in Stadtoldendorf, the organizer invites members of humanitarian and charitable organizations as well as representatives of other professional groups. The training are also practical exercises where the mediated knowledge must be implemented directly to a third theory, and two-thirds.

Thus, the participants, for example, they will get located in interrogations or to check points as they need to detect mines and move in treading ground and what military and paramilitary organizations are active in their respective countries should behave. And realistic scenarios applied the correct tactical behaviour in regions with hostile or terrorist threat, as well as team leadership and crisis management in extreme situations. “The training principles, inter alia of unarmed self-defense right conduct in hostage crisis de-escalation training recognition by and right conduct threat and risk in the country of use mine awareness” know the effects of weapons and proper behavior at threat of chemical warfare agents in self-defense training and first aid learning the various survival skills in extreme situations orientation and finding your way around the site learn about ammunition the military structures and divisions in the operational area presence and tactics of armed groups in the operational area cooperation with military associations in the Usage of CIMIC preparation and drafting of personal equipment for use off road driver training services include two nights, full Board, medical care and protection during training, a manual and a certificate about the participation and the completion of the first-aid training. The personal equipment for the participants is provided. More information about the services and prices buyers see. Groups can negotiate an individual package price with the Organizer. U. Schemm



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