Herbal Tea Against Insomnia

Human skin has a surface of 18,000 cm2 and a million and a half of receivers. He is therefore the body surface, skin, is the largest sensory organ of the human body. Tips choosing the moment erotic massage technique requires calm and search for the appropriate time, the rush are the greatest enemy. Ideally, have a moment of tranquility, where we can disconnect the phone so no one interrupted us. We must find a place suitable, quiet and without interruption. The environment the place chosen, we must prepare it with a suitable temperature, in which the other person to the Strip does not have cold or excessive heat. The ideal temperature is 25 C. can comfortably lie to the person in a bed, on the couch, or on the floor on top of a quilt, or on a carpet surrounded by pillows.

A dim light (candles tend to provide a pleasant and suggestive light), some background music, a pleasant smell of incense (or oils that we use), previously coupled with a glass of champagne and some strawberries or candy, may be the ideal preamble to our massage, doing that all our senses to enjoy the moment. Although other couples it stimulates them much more improvisation and spontaneity, to the more romantic you enlightening liven up the room with candles, background music, and having earlier prepared a delicious evening with a delicious dinner (aphrodisiac). Technical erotic massage placement step 1 you can start placing your hands open and relaxed in his back, exerting a slight pressure, your left hand at the level of the heart and your right hand on the right column where begins the lumbar area (where just the back). Stay a few minutes in this position facilitates delve into an atmosphere of calm, concentrating on breathing both yours as your partner and your heart beat. Step 2 you can start the massage itself across his body with gentle caresses.



June 15th