I have recently become quite common to request comment on or evaluate in terms of artistic merit or that work, painting, artist, and the like. For my part, I'm going, where the forces of the evaluation Labour colleagues on the shop floor, as anyone who spends life in the pure creativity, to extract the truth, striving for the ideal, worthy of all respect, and I do not consider myself the right to comment on their work. Someone to blame or praise, No, humble servant. They are their own price know what they once again run up. As for me, I'll share what I can myself and see. Upon contact with the painting, with pictures to distinguish themselves and define the main thing is the product of a living or dead, whether it is pulsating live "blood" of inspiration and talent of the author who created this image, or not. It may be objected, for one spectator product is dead, alive for another and vice versa.

No, the living, this living and the dead is dead! And who says a life is death, but rather a living dead person himself, or have not yet figured out. Examples are very much in different historical eras: it is the arrival of the Impressionists, our Wanderers, nonconformists, etc. in other words the end of stagnation and growth of life. Humanity is more time of their lives spiritually dead. And, from time to time, come the artists, in the broadest sense of the word to other people alive. Then all again prolonged "brown mud" to the new implementation, to the emergence of a new Prometheus, carrying God's plan for us mortals.



February 15th