La Scala

This statement belongs to the eminent Italian singer Giacomo Lauri-Volpi, propevshemu on stage 'La Scala' 30 years. As commented on it one of the critics 'His C sharp came the to the moon'. A renowned Italian vocal teacher John Barr, a long time veteran in the world-renowned centers of excellence in the theater singers' La Scala ', spoke about the role of resonators as follows:' The us in singing are no secrets, no other possibilities in his voice, except for resonance. Therefore, the resonator configuration – a true mechanism of phonation – you can not lose under any circumstances. Lost resonance, ceases to be a singer '.

This, of course, does not deny the important role of the vocal cords. Without them, there is also a singer. But the point is that even the most powerful and trained vocal cords can not physically produce the sound of this enormous power, which reach large operatic voices: up to 120 dB (!) at a distance of 1 meter. Measurements show that within the sound channel sound pressure level reaches 155 dB and more! This is a terrible destructive force of sound, capable of burn the vocal cords as matches. That, unfortunately, often happens with inexperienced singers trying to achieve great power to vote only energized the vocal cords (and as a result, bleeding in the throat, bruising, and mucosal detachment etc.) As for contemporary music in it, other than purely musical problems, and contains other important singer of difficulty: it is not so much sung as they say, emotionally intense screaming, barely audible murmurs, whispers, etc.



August 27th