Lexington Avenue Express

History of graffiti is authentic to this point, and was told many times in various publications. However, as the development of graffiti and becoming more popular culture, the story becomes more complicated and ambiguous. In times of origin of graffiti writers and the train had an almost spiritual connection with each other. The subway system was related to graffiti, it has been an icon for graffiti writers who sought to have their work seen and the public and other writers. Writers have created 'an alternative system of communication for children who, one way or another, have access to avenues of street shirorkim information' Do writers had metro line, which they preferred, depending on the surface of the trains and their routes. The best writers of the city always looked at the number 5 and 2 Lexington Avenue Express, as the wagons of higher grades for their work that made the rounds of extensive the city. It helped to be recognized and become famous. Danger energized '3 th rail 'likely to be arrested and other troubles only added adrenaline and desire to make a' throw ' ('Getting up'). Graffiti is also written on the walls, buildings, etc., but subway was such a huge attraction that was out of competition – 'The visual accessibility, a large number of visitors and communicate with other guys on the same city '. Subway also stressed the orientation and movement – something difficult to achieve on the walls, it makes life in the initially fixed letters.



February 12th