Living Life to the Fullest

If you keep living your life unconsciously follow the path of today's leaders, politicians, media and other leaders of this world that are focused primarily on the negativity. But if you decide to spend a few minutes daily to think and imagine your desires you will make a major change in your life and slowly it will start to improve to become what you want. Any appeals to an equal, if you spend time thinking about what will attract what you want. Tip # 3 Once you've raised your vibrations keep them as high as possible for as much time. Have on hand a plan of action to keep your vibration high. Prepare your activities including things that always make you feel good, movies, music, TV shows and books that inspire you.

Surround yourself with positive people and make your favorite activities as often as you can, that will help you move forward with incredible speed. * Tip # 4 Leave to react to situations as if you were helpless (victim) * In every situation that stops you always do pause to think you can create something different and you're not powerless. Actually you're just helpless when disconnected from your inner being, but when you feel happy and when you're in high vibration are much more powerful than a million individuals. You're never a victim, every time you created and you can start creating your reality from any situation. Do not allow yourself to feel helpless for a long time, do what is necessary to restore your power in any situation and move to the low vibrational field as quickly as possible.



March 10th