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Highly compressed PDF(/A)-Farbdateien for InputAccel scanning Berlin – with a new product the LurTech Europe GmbH expands its portfolio to a special solution for InputAccel users: the new LurDocument PDF Compressor for InputAccel enables users of capture solution to create PDF and PDF/A files in color. It is characterized by low memory footprint and high quality. For that, the PDF Compressor enterprise was equipped with a fully integrated interface to InputAccel. Existing scan processes have to be adapted accordingly still minimal. The question whether the documents should be collected in colour or in black and white is one of the challenges when scanning again. In favour of a lower memory load, companies often waive the more comfortable recording in color and hence on all associated advantages, such as faster recognition of documents on the calls to the screen, as well as the preservation of the native document.

The LurTech plays it with the solution now available due to highest color compression on InputAccel scanning applications no longer, whether in color or black and white should be scanned. The solution separates first incoming text, background and foreground images after scanning and creates a highly compressed PDF in color. So are scalable, high-quality color images with a low memory footprint. In addition, InputAccel using the built-in PDF Compressor can get the pure text image and perform the classification and data extraction using OCR on this basis. The detection rates of OCR processes are significantly increased by this image of text liberated by means of segmentation of all unwanted parts of the image. The effort for the manual correction of reading results decreases significantly. Subsequent correction stations, archive export or other systems benefit from highly compressed images in color that are searchable in full text. It is also the optional ability to attach metadata to the entire document or individual pages. Bookmarks, which sit in the PDF document to provide further comfort the Support watermark and the encryption and decryption of PDF documents.



November 1st


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