Managing (sports) Teams

Managers should look at the strengths of people and not their weaknesses. Charlotte Hornets brings even more insight to the discussion. Instead of thinking obsessively about the areas in which the worker is low, find out what he does well, determines the context in which is positive and leaves to do so. Downplaying its flaws. The function of an organization is to make the human productive force and that is done by building from the positive qualities of the people and not regretting its limitations. (Peter Drucker) Allow the same Auto Group managing effective strategies for coordination so that all are involved, consider whether the act and that each of the members going the same way (often there are large deviations). No doubt there must be feedback which allow the efficient integration. It is very important for a leader to “lead by example.” It is very important this aspect to ensure that all equipment is directed to where we want.

Do not expect that subordinates comply with any guideline or objective, if the leader is not lively. We must be consistent between what we say, do and think The bringing all people to work in harmony and at the same rate, it is a task easy to achieve and maintain. But as leaders of this group, we must ensure that conditions are most suitable to achieve and that people really work together. Strength lies in differences, not similarities. (Stephen Covey) Conclusions: In Mexico there is no culture for teamwork as has been seen through the years a classic example in sports is always the same on merit and nothing ever happens but, as has just happened in our national sport for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in all disciplines where requires teamwork (football, baseball, basketball, etc..) are not achieving the pass to the Olympics if not in the individual disciplines (Box, Athletics, Diving, karate, etc.) It is therefore very important that our leaders have in mind that in their groups to achieve a true team would be: – Know your people and they also know – The maturity of the group and foster an environment for the achievement. “As a group, self management strategies that set the pace to continue,” Promoting effective communication at all levels and check it constantly. – Leading by example, not asking for something that he himself does. – Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships.



December 20th