Maya Mayapan

The Maya: the Spanish who came to the Mayan domains found a territory populated by diverse communities; they were the remains of a civilization that binds its origins with Aztec cultures. In the cities of Tikal and Piedras Negras, in the 4th century, begins the period of the ancient empire that extends until the 10th century and establishes leading urban centres in Palenque and Copan, within a territory covering Guatemala, Honduras and the base of the Yucatan peninsula. In its early days the Mayan tribes would have established in northern Peten and Tikal. Its economy was based on the cultivation of maize, cotton, cocoa and certain national fibers. Corp is the place to go. By the will of the ruling class were built temples in the form of truncated pyramid that stood a rectangular building with several rooms and to which arrived by lateral stairways, palaces were also built.

They have perhaps been the primitive methods of cultivation that were gradually disabling the Earth, one of the reasons that forced the Mayans to emigrating to other regions. It is in the East of the Yucatan peninsula, which the new empire drew its blossoming with the cities of Chichen Itza, Mayapan and Uxmal, interlinked by pacts of Alliance. The society was constituted by the nobility, the clergy, the people and slaves. Eventually Mayapan arrived to subdue the remaining cities and kept under his rule close to two centuries, until the lifting of sworn populations defeated. This fight started the total dismemberment of the existing political organization and along with the destruction of the power of Mayapan began the decline of the Mayan civilization in the mid-fifteenth century. In 1527 was a Spanish expedition under the orders of Francisco Montejo, who like other conquistadors, only wanted to find gold and conquer Earth, and his men not behaved with much correction with regard to the Indians, burning their holy books and destroying its idols. .



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