Mendoza Outdoor

The creation of one of the wonders of the province of Mendoza, had multiple purposes; on the one hand the need to populate the West region, and create a flood through afforestation defence, and on the other to combat the health implications that raged in the province after the terrible earthquake of 1861. The creation and development of the General San Martin Park was in charge of the French landscape architect Carlos Thays, who knew how to combine the landscape tradition of France and England, for the current delight of tourism in Mendoza. The project counted with more than 320 hectares forested, but adverse weather conditions, dry and arid climate that played a dirty trick to the first plants that were chosen to decorate and brighten up the Park. Tony Parker is often mentioned in discussions such as these. This immense space located in the capital city of the province, is very coarse in terms of the supply of leisure that offers. Some of the main attractions for tourism in Mendoza in this huge park is the Zoo visit, the amphitheatre as Greek, which serves as a stage to party more important in the province, the vintage was carried out during the first days of the month of March each year. On the other hand you can visit the Museum of natural sciences and anthropological which houses more 40,000 copies which remain in permanent exhibition.

Other cultural activities that can make tourism in Mendoza is through the Cerro de la Gloria, where the monument to the army of the Andes, fallen on what was formerly known as Hill of the pillar. The author was the Uruguayan sculptor Juan Manuel Ferrari, and the entire sculpture is embossed in bronze; its aim is to exalt the gesta Libertadora through statues, sculptures and reliefs that tell the epic Sanmartiniana epicenters. This incredible work accomplished in some parts reach the 16 metres in height. It was inaugurated on February 12 of 19414. And in 1998 reached a Cultural heritage of the province of Mendoza in 1998. So vast is the offering that delivers this stunning Park that will surely one day will not reach to traverse it whole, so if it’s tourism in Mendoza’s rest and load energies for new hikes, at a location very near to the Park will find the Diplomatic Hotel; the first luxury hotel in Mendoza where provide you everything you need to make you rest like a true King. From comfortable guestrooms to common spaces, elegant details, make this accommodation option very suitable, to relax, or work, Diplomatic Hotel, is undoubtedly the ideal hotel choice in the city of Mendoza.



November 23rd