Does the use of modern technology in music performances to commit fraud on the customers? Bands in small cast a widespread phenomenon has become since the nineties: the music is not more live played, but is partly or entirely by the accompanying attendant of the keyboards. This is enabled by the MIDI format. A standardized data format, including remote control commands to the keyboard. Is set in a MIDI file at which time which button is pressed how much and when she is released. It a MIDI channel is set in addition, can be consumed with a certain sound. This means that is the musician of a song that he would like to play, just need to get the appropriate MIDI file and already it plays the keyboard itself. This has the advantage that shortcomings in the technical skill of the musician no longer play a role on the one hand – the audience will be grateful when it must listen not all errors and false tones it would otherwise get to hearing. The musicians must no longer exercise and tasks can focus entirely on the mastery of the technical Equipements and on management.

However, the legitimate question of whether represents not a deception, and thus a form of fraud arises. Because the majority of the public doesn’t realize that the band is not even. People have not the skills easy to register, that the bulk of the music is not played and Yes not so bad. Right here comes the next problem: the fact that all the same MIDI files use – most of them are the original arrangements – sound of course also all alike. The various music groups are thus not more to distinguish. However, there are also bands who reject these methods and – be it as a wedding band or a dance band at a dance event – still really live play. In addition to the more moral reasons of honesty, the musical result of a real live band is also a better. Instead of the pabulum creates diversity in terms of arrangements and solos.

The musicians have more Possibilities and thus more motivating and fun (even without alcohol). There is space for spontaneity and things can arise that are exactly meant for this moment, because right now this mood, these acoustics, this audience, because this situation is. That in turn releases energy, which are reflected in the rhythm and transferred to the dancers.



July 8th


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