National Auditorium Music

KING HILL, the Mexican pride and CORZOMUSIC are revolutionising the reggaeton from los Angeles California working with VJ Davis the best Dj of the booll rom, now premiering its production entitled only for you bab girl s after an intense tour of Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, where shared stage with great luminaries such as daddy Yankee, nigga, and don omar among others.Now return to our country with more energy to conclude a series of presentations in the interior of Mexico ending at the National Auditorium in the month of May 2009, the same month that premiered his video entitled king hill of mexico, which is a compilation of their tours throughout United States and neighbouring countries, as well as an auto biography from his beginnings in music Grupero album and the band’s music, also know more than his personal life, all this being reflected in the interpretation of artists invited to the production of this video. If not yet conoses the music of this young and talented artist, we invite you to that visit or also can directly access kig hill videos on you tube or get in direct contact with king hill by writing to KING HILL, the Mexican pride us express in their own words what it means for the music in your life and how it was that I took the decision to devote himself to sing love and heartbreak. King Hill, which means the music for you?Music is my life! everything to the rededor of me is light that seeks answers to society and myself, from 6 years of age, my grandfather I Antonetti art education, and why music is that we are already inseparable and between other related to communication studies now conclude that journalism in mexico is a huge source power of information and dissemination of many things firing and the journalist is a great for us artists ally.Similarly corzomusic is for me an important window of information and music creation in the growing world of the art measurement and show that every day envelops our society, this is how your culture tells us how to live and feel the music in every human being and in every heart..



March 4th