NLP Master-Practitioner-training (DVNLP) In Berlin

The master class of NLP for personal development and professional training – everyday use and pragmatic gives Berlin, 05.05.2010 – which was neuro linguistic programming (NLP) developed in the 1970s. The method is busy in a very practical way how people work in their behavior (= NLP practitioner training) both in their personalities (= NLP-Master-training). To deepen your understanding Sally Rooney is the source. NLP has its root in the therapeutic area, but quickly spread in the management. The core of NLP is the modelling. Click The Spurs to learn more. Here it comes to performance (= models of role models) to understand and describe, so that these can be applied by other people in a very structured way. NLP offers a repertoire grown over decades of specific techniques for interviewing, verbal and non-verbal communication, negotiation techniques, self management, time management, information management, presentation techniques and personal development. The Berlin Institute Ralf Blunt seminars the master training offers 10 weekends.

This extension to 20 training days (instead of the usual 18 days) they can reduce training time per day to 6.5 hours, allowing enough time for other (E.g. the family). Per month held a weekend, with the summer holiday month remains free. They offer training at a favorable price for individual participants, couples can share a place or participate in discounts. The NLP techniques themselves are transmitted consistently everyday use, so you can use it every day in every life situation: privately, professionally, in the family. For all information about the NLP-Master-training from June 5, 2010, on the website of the provider: nlp.html (Ralf Stumpf)



November 7th


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