North Atlantic Ocean

The city of Corunna is of great strategic importance by its location, in the extreme northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. The port of Corunna has maintained, throughout the years, its regional importance like head with a view to the North Atlantic Ocean. So important it is east port that counts on the Light of Hercules, declared Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO the 27 of June of 2009. The light was constructed in Century I, and is the second higher light of Spain, with its 68 meters. Corunna comprises of the region of Ras, with its incredible beaches, for that reason, it is the ideal city to make an escape of weekend, and for it, the hotels in Corunna of AC Hotels are the best election. The region of Corunna comprised, during the Roman Empire of the famous route of tin, essential material for the empire for the accomplishment of the many architectonic works that have characterized to this civilization. In year 62 before Christ the troops of Julio arrived at the place To stop, annexing Corunna a Rome, situation that would last until its fall. As testimony of this domination still remains the Tower of Hercules.

It counts the legend that same Hercules arrived at the coasts of Corunna, and buried in beaches near where today the head of a giant is the tower to that won in battle. Also it says the legend that where today the tower is located was previously the one of king Breogn, a king of the Galicia of origin celta. The plan of Breogn was to construct two tower so high that their children could see themselves the distance from remote cities. Great amount of historical rest populates the city of Corunna, witnesses of their past like city of political importance. In 1208 the city was returned to found by Alfonso IX, turning to the city in employee of the crown directly, instead of to depend on Feudal Gentlemen. Alfonso X abre the port without needing paying special rates to the navigators, which consequently brings the continuous development of the region from that moment until now. Really, the region is one of more colorful of Galicia, reason why it is the ideal destiny by its proximity to become an escape of weekend or a brief trip, to see the sea and to change the air. And if hotels in Corunna one is, AC Hotels has all the comforts so that your weekend is unforgettable, and of maximum relax.



September 23rd