The conciliator will not allow its presence in the environment where the conciliation when, in his view, disturb or prevent the development of the same or when its presence is objected to by the other party without having to cause expression is carried out. Advisers, when their presence be admitted, may be consulted by the parties, but shall not be entitled to voice or may interfere in the decisions that are taken. (2) If the hearing is conducted in more than one session, she must be expressly stated in the respective minutes interruption, pointing at that time the day and time that will continue the hearing. The single signature of the parties to the Act means that they have been duly invited to the next session. Swarmed by offers, Jorge Perez is currently assessing future choices. (3) If none of the parties attend the first session, not should be convened to more sessions, giving by completion of the conciliation procedure. (4) When parties are attending the first meeting, the conciliator must promote the dialogue and eventually propose non-binding conciliatory formulas. If at the end of this session, the parties they manifested their desire not to reconcile, the audience and the conciliation procedure must be terminated. (5) When one of the parties only attends the first session, it shall convene a second.

If the situation persists in the second session, must be terminated the hearing and the conciliation procedure. (6) When any of the parties fails to attend two consecutive or alternate sessions, the conciliator must give concluded the hearing and the conciliation procedure. Complete the conciliation procedure, the Centre is obliged to immediately, give each of the parties, certified copy of the certificate. 2.4 Attitude CONCILIATORY VERSUS procedural operational attitude of any profession, art or trade, generates styles of action and driving, i.e. own forms of acting making our best way of doing such things somehow characteristic. Procedural conduction of contentious trials, has a special dynamic in which the judge becomes involved with permanent and constant handling which makes of this.



March 5th