Peter Michael

“The new album by Peter Michael – no half things an often quoted, yet not less wise saying: life writes the most beautiful stories.” Exactly such a wonderful story has to tell also singer Peter Michael. But from the outset: The now 24-year-old began early, to sing in the choir of his Swabian hometown, quickly recognized the head of his talent and sent him to a singing Professor. There he received instruction for over ten years. His desire to make music, grew from year to year in him and eventually he made a decision which should have consequences. Peter Michael researched the address by Irma holder and wrote her a letter in which he expressed all his thoughts and ideas about music. A bold move, because holder not for nothing is considered the Grande Dame of pop music. Many wonderful lyrics which were sung by artists such as Howard Carpendale, Helene Fischer, Andrea Berg to successful hits in Germany come from her pen.

I’ve tried in the letter, my to cover all feelings and desires in words. But if I’m honest, I thought I’d never, that even an answer comes,”remembers Peter Michael. His honest words showed effect. Two days later the phone rang and on the other side of the line, Irma holder volunteered. “Many times she had already read the letter and found for himself: this young man is serious.” She said that she would have done her any for him and both would have to wait for now. What not she said Peter Michael, was that such his letter is now lay on the table by Jean Frankfurter, one of the most successful composers and producers in Germany and a good friend and colleague of Irma holder. After the conversation with Irma holder I was full of hope that she could help me. But when a few days later Jean enlisted Frankfurt with me, I couldn’t believe my luck,”he smiles.



August 20th


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