Red Sea Apartments

m. apartments being built and analyzed in real estate in Hurghada can be divided into several types: – Studio (one bedroom, lounge and kitchen, as a rule, combined with the hall) – apartments – two or more bedrooms, the kitchen is usually in a separate room – apartment with a mezzanine (with a large outdoor terrace. Ingoda dimensions comparable to the terrace area of the apartment. to the local climate – it is very convenient for outdoor recreation, staying out of the apartment itself). Prices the apartment, in addition to the area and finishing formirutsya sellers, based on various factors: – the dynamics of change in prices of real estate in the city (higher prices tend to fall or the spring tourist season, sometimes in beginning of next year) – is there a sea view (apartment overlooking the sea can cost 10-15 thousand dollars more expensive than the equivalent in the same house, on the same floor) – is there a lift in the house – floor on which the flat (upper floors more expensive) – the distance from the sea (closer – more expensive) – an area surrounding infrastructure. Sometimes the apartments on the upper floors do with domed ceilings, the so-called Nubian style. These ceilings are very popular among the local population, and among foreigners.

The presence of domes in the apartment gives it a special personality, a special microclimate (in such homes is not as hot as the sun's rays fall on it under razlinymi angles), a special room acoustics (in the center, under the dome, the sound is always pronounced louder than the sound of an apartment elsewhere). Themselves comfortable apartment in Hurghada, spacious rooms include a few (usually 2-3 of them are bedrooms), kitchen, bathroom and a mandatory private balcony overlooking the sea. The more expensive apartments in Hurghada, located in buildings built or in apartment complexes or hotels in that automatically make available all internal infrastructure – from swimming pools, salons, gyms to entertainment, restaurants and shops. In this market have already been formed and various schemes that allow customers with a variety of income to purchase the desired property, which makes the purchase of an apartment in Hurghada, simple and always successful. So, if you decided to buy an apartment in Hurghada – contact the Sea View Realty! Every customer is welcome guest and a friend in a big family Sea View Realty Address: Villa 35, Sheraton road, Hadaba, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt Contact: (495) 540-5657 – London (812) 338-4867 – St. Petersburg (20 65) 344-7457 – Hurghada + 44 (207) 043-7145 – London E-mail: (Rus) (English)



July 15th


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