Religious Movies

Double morality in movies Christian double morality lies spread by all areas, regardless of place, status, nothing, this is an evil that is present in different environments. That’s why we can see how in Christian films also becomes evident that duality of people who on the one hand provide the feeling that people calm, religious, faithful followers of morality and the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ are, however, on the other hand are people of the worst kind, capable of performing any type of feat of the worst habit or condition. Christian film wasn’t very common situations to be submitted as these people who on the one hand are shown as fervent Christians and on the other hand are people who belong to the more dark that you can submit a person, which gives us an indication on how to deal with this kind of person and their customs, as well as learn how to identify them. This is a huge step that shows the Christian films, because confronting such situations is are able to know and cleaning of truth people, it must not cover up situations that duel against the morals and good customs no matter their social or trade union status, must undress them before the society and make them see their bad habits, for which react and choose the best roads. Source: Press release sent by palero45.



October 11th