Ricardo Natalichio

The study, contemplation of nature is the natural food of intelligence and heart. Lifts us and makes us cerner in the higher regions: the world is at our feet; our thoughts, fixed in the things of heaven, inspires us with disdain by miserable and frivolous interests here low. The spirit, only the spirit of those large and mysterious truths contains a powerful charm.Cicero ever more grows the problem of water worldwide. This course is extremely serious, if really the countries that make up this planet Earth don’t take measures, precautions to avoid contamination of fresh water, vital for our existence. Faced with this reality of the serious problem of water worldwide, tells us news.bbc.co.uk world’s water consumption rose sixfold between 1900 and 1995 – more than double the growth rate of the population – and continues to grow as it increases both the domestic demand as industrial. Quality is as important as quantity: the increased pollution in certain areas, does that you decrease the amount of usable water. More than five million people die each year from water-related diseases, which is equivalent to ten times more than the number of deaths because of wars in the world. Not the slightest doubt, that the poor are those who most suffer.

Water scarcity means that in some cases you will have to walk greater distances to get it, pay higher prices to buy it, it will generate further uncertainty as to the availability of food and the emergence of diseases related to the consumption of contaminated water. But precisely what is needed to collect funds to solve the water problem in poor countries is more water to develop agriculture and industry. Which requires water. Meanwhile, Ricardo Natalichio, reminds us, that throughout its history, the man has done many things wrong, many would say. But contaminate and destroy sources of drinking water, not even qualify within this range.



July 1st