Robert Rodriguez

It is not newness that Robert Rodriguez always approached its production cinematographic in idiosincrtica way. Its first film ' ' El Mariachi' ' for example, Antonio with $7,000 was produced in the streets of its San native and a camera loaned for its better friend. despite nowadays its productions have grown in Sin City scale, Machete and Spy Kids had been productions milhonarias and success of Rodriguez ticket office continues using nothing more sophisticated of what some computers laptop in the edition of its films. ' ' Hollywood always gave the impression that few only has what she is necessary to make filmes' ' trademark says the Texano director with bandana its and a giant smile. ' ' Later that I finished the El Mariachi I I filmed the shortness ' ' The Ten-Draft Film School' ' to show that any one can make a film.

Thanks to laptop, to make cinema if has become not only much more easy, but also much more acessvel.' ' Possibly you go to think that all this enthusiasm of the part of the director he is caused by the one sprouting new software. However, Rodriguez standes out that true ' ' appeal' ' of laptop it is in the price and familiarity with the device. ' ' I know that the easy things are not nothing at the moment, but am certain that if you to search the Internet you easily will find a decent kit to a reasonable price. later that you to buy notebook ideal, it will be available always. Nothing to go the edition houses to cut its film. You can make this in the comfort of its proper room! ' ' Translated for Claude Marcotti for the Mavens agency of London Text of Richard Luck for Dell



May 21st