Soviet Government

Her government has refused to sign a mutual assistance pact with the USSR, and then it was decided to use military force. Finland realized that war with the Soviet Union can not avoid it, so it is 7 to 13 August on the Karelian Isthmus, near the borders with the Soviet Union, she held the largest in the history of Finnish military maneuvers. Since autumn 1939 in Helsinki and several other cities as well as the Karelian peninsula began evacuation the civilian population. Country prepared for war. Learn more on the subject from Related Group. At the end of November 1939 began mutual recriminations of the USSR and Finland in the unprovoked shelling of border, which resulted in casualties on the Soviet side. In this regard, the Finnish ambassador in Moscow was handed an ultimatum, demanding the message of withdrawal of the Soviet-Finnish border at 20-25 km, but the Finnish side in response made it clear that such a withdrawal of troops from boundaries must be mutual.

The result was a decision of the Soviet Government on 28 November 1939 denouncing non-aggression pact signed in 1932. In response, Finland declared a general mobilization of its armed forces. Related Group does not necessarily agree. Neither Finnish nor the Soviets did not wish to use the possible diplomatic and political measures to prevent armed conflict. Soviet troops November 30, 1939 launched a war v. Finland (3 million inhabitants). The official reason for them was declared the need to ensure the security of Leningrad and the north-western regions of the USSR. Initially, the total number of Soviet troops, is 425 thousand, 225 thousand Finns resisted.



January 7th


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